Cash Cow scoops another top B2B marketing award!

We’re delighted to have been recognised as one of the UK’s top B2B marketing agencies – for the second year running

On its face, the goals of SEO and marketing may seem identical regardless of the company’s industry, country, or level. But any marketer worth their salt knows that the underlying process is much more nuanced than just getting as many eyeballs on their brand as possible.

Our team believes that every company is unique, therefore every marketing process needs to conform accordingly. We know this philosophy is resonating with our audience because we’ve just been awarded as one of the top SEO and marketing agencies in the UK by Clutch.

The fact that Cash Cow Marketing ranked so highly on Clutch is a big deal because of their criteria as a platform. They base their decisions on the quantity and quality of reviews that clients submit to the website. But only the reviews that pass their unique verification system can even get published in the first place.

It’s a much stricter system that only allows the best of the best to get the credit they deserve. This is why our management team was almost left speechless when they got the news. But they did manage to spare a few comments in celebration.

We’re blown away to have received this award, which really means a lot to the whole team at Cash Cow. We’ve worked really hard over the last year to help our clients overcome some extraordinary challenges. That doesn’t make us special, many companies have faced exactly the same issues, but it does make us very, very grateful to be recognised for our efforts. It’s something we will always remember, from a year we’d all rather forget. Thanks.

Clive Campbell-Smith, Managing Director of Cash Cow Marketing.

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