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Adapting to a post pandemic world turns a potential business threatening event into a smart opportunity for growth!

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For many businesses, Covid changed everything, and Admiral Vending came to us with a worrying story.

Pre-pandemic they were one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vending machines. However, their business model was based on an active sales teams physically visiting new clients to secure future business. As we all know everything stopped on that fateful day in March 2020 and sadly so did Admiral Vending’s sales.

With lockdown in place and no other options to drive sales, Admiral Vending looked to the internet to drive sales, they contacted us and asked a simple question – can you develop an online sales campaign and boost revenue.



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The Quick Wins


Our two-stage approach was simple.

Time was of the essence, we needed to drive sales quickly and efficiently toward Admiral Vending. Our initial competition analysis highlighted key areas that could be improved over both the short and the long term.

The first stage was clear – focus on the quick easy wins to drum up some fresh enquiries.

Admiral is a brand leader stocking high quality products, this gave us countless opportunities to optimise inventory pages for keywords – quickly pushing them up the rankings in common search engines such as Google and Bing.


The Foundations of Long Term Growth


The second stage involved developing a longer-term strategy to sustain early success. So we refreshed older pages and produced new content to increase the information available to prospective customers while developing a stronger Google Business page to increase grow regional presence.

Visibility across the web is key. You have to be where your clients are looking, and whilst Google Business is one opportunity to increase visibility, we leveraged numerous other industry listing websites and business directories to give Admiral Vending complete UK-wide visibility.


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The impact of our work was immediate and significant, in the first six months website visits were up 1163%. Impressive? We thought so too.

But in reality, while we could dazzle you with technical jargon such as ‘Click Through Rate’, ‘Total Impressions’ and ‘Total Clicks’, we understand our clients are really only interested in sales.

So we’re also pleased to report sales rose a staggering 45% over the first 6 months.



Competition Analyis


Content Makeover

Google Business Page

Backlinks & Directory Listings

Keyword Optimisation

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Admiral Vending has turned a significant challenge to business survival into an opportunity for expansion and sector dominance.

With staff now out in the field again, recruiting new customers, pre-covid marketing strategy is returning to normal. Combined with the boost the company received from web-based orders the team at Admiral Vending is firing on all cylinders. Their two-pronged method is rapidly building customer numbers, their position – as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vending hardware, traditional espresso machines and ice-slush makers.

We are still working with the Admiral, keeping an eye on the competition, expanding the company’s keyword reach and ensuring they top out Google searches for all the search terms important to their business. Management understand the market is fluid and competitive, and that to stay ahead of the pack SEO is an investment well worth making.


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