Why Every Business Needs A Bespoke SEO Solution

Search Engine Optimisation is a necessary part of doing business online, no
matter which industry you are in. In this post we’ll explain why every company needs an SEO solution built around its own unique business challenges.

If your business has a website, a bespoke SEO strategy that engages potential new customers is part of the deal!


How a business approaches Search Engine Optimisation is necessarily different for each sector, and heavily depends not only on the types of content your audience consumes, but also on how they engage with and interact with that content.

For example, if you are a technology business there are certain dynamics unique to your industry that will be very different to say an online store or local service provider. These are factors you would do well to understand.

To continue our analogy; those looking for businesses in the tech sector are often professionals seeking content of a technical nature, though it is important to also make your content easy to understand for non-professionals too. You will need to distill the essence of complex and often specialist subjects, to make the topics easy to find and explore, while being thorough and avoiding oversimplification.

And remember a succesful and truly bespoke SEO solution is not a one-off quick fix, but instead a long-range strategy that will bring results over time. It is a practice, a regular exercise and an artform, to be perfected – a bit like all Kung Fu.


Keyword Research & Optimisation


Firstly you need to identify the idiosyncrasies of the core audience you want to target, who it is that requires your services, what their needs are, and what terms or phrases are mostly being used to find businesses in your sector. From these types of data you can create profiles of your ideal customer and uncover traits they share, as part of a wider audience who take an active interest in your key subject areas.

This is not just a one-off job, but more a process to be considered and exercised from the beginning, and revisited with regularity. Understanding well the subtly shifting language used by your prospects will help you to define achievable strategic goals, whether that is simply to gain an authoritative reputation, to generate leads, convert sales or just get more traffic to your website and educate the market about your presence.

A primary goal will be to get your business to the top of Google search results, based on the terms that get most often used by your target customers, but that is not the whole game. For you to climb the rankings, and benefit from higher traffic flows, you will need to find keywords that are relevant to your business, that are used a lot by your kinds of customer, and crucially, words that are not too competitive already. You will then want to regularly review the words you use, to ensure that they are the ones that remain most relevant to your audience.

There are loads of great tools out there to help you with keyword research, including Moz, BuzzSumo, SEMrush and Google Trends. From these you will be able to match the most important keywords and search terms to your audience and your goals, and then begin to create specific content to attract the right types of eyeballs to your website. This is the foundation of a genuinely bespoke SEO solution for your business.

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Strong SEO Is Built On Authoritative Reputation


The more authority your site content has, the higher your ranking will be on search results, and of course most existing companies in your market, particularly the larger names, will already have built their reputation, which will keep them ranking well, making it more difficult for you, at least initially, to be included on the first results listed for any niche area in which they have operated for some time ahead of you.

If you are a new tech company it really is a good idea to work with a reputable SEO service, particularly when designing and launching your strategy. As you move forward they will be able to concentrate and advise on ways to incrementally increase your rankings and your share of traffic, leaving you with a freer hand to concentrate on your core business and serving your paying customers.

A thorough understanding of your target demographic will aid you in producing high-quality, well-researched content and a truly bespoke SEO solution for your website. Consistency and accuracy are key to building trust, and your depth of knowledge of the audience you are trying to reach will help give a unique voice to your work, which over time will make your brand and your business more readily identifiable.

This is not just about words and writing articles. Your strategy should include a range of media including bespoke images, infographics, perhaps video and even podcasts. Not all content needs to be fresh, you can reuse and upcycle previously produced posts and pieces of content, by simply putting them in a different format. The more ways people can reach you and interact with you, the more likely it is they will become familiar with what you offer and can share with others who they know might be interested in your service.

While producing good quality content is highly important, another major factor is the quality of the content you link to, and who links to you. Google crawls the web by following links, so if a site with a good reputation links back to you, then this will have a very positive impact on your rankings. A bespoke SEO solution, in this case, might be to reach out to key websites in your industry and encourage backlinks from them to you…

The more backlinks you have from well-trusted and authoritative pages, the higher you will rank on the search engines. By actively building backlinks from other great sources of relevant information, you provide the crawlers with more evidence of your own relevance to audiences seeking similar. A great way to build links is to comment and write guest posts for other sites and channels working in your sector, linking back to your pages, or requesting others do so, like journalists or reviewers, always making sure that they are linking to your best quality content.


Bespoke or not; for Google good SEO is all about user experience


Remember too that great content must be well presented and displayed, in easy-to-access formats. The User Experience (UX) on your site should be thought through to enable the right sets of eyeballs to reach the right information, and then to get as much as possible from it when they are there.

Bounce and Dwell time are measures of how many site visitors leave a page without any real interaction, and the amount of time each engaged visitor spends on that particular page. The more relevant and engaging your content, the lower your Bounce and the higher your Dwell.

You must take mobile devices into account also, as across the web anything up to 80% of visitors are not on a desktop computer. Google now prioritises web pages that are mobile-friendly, and penalises those that are not.

Similarly, the speed with which your page loads is a major factor, with anything over three seconds starting to result in visitors turning away before they have even seen your content. Your bounce rate will increase with every extra millisecond a visitor has to wait to view each page.

You can assess your page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights, which is one of the many free tools provided by Google to help you, it measures how fast your pages load for visitors. Things to consider are page file compression, content delivery networks (CDN), image optimisation, redirects and browser caching.


Even done well SEO takes time.
(Don’t expect results overnight!)


With more people than ever working from home, there are clear opportunities to reach individuals who may be able to influence decisions to use your services. That all starts with having consistently useful content and making yourself easily available to the people most likely to need or pay for the work you do.

A bespoke SEO solution for your business will never be simply a one-off task but, like a business plan, should be a constantly evolving part of your business practice. Continually assess how people are searching for the things you provide, who they are, and how they are looking for what they want. The results will build over time, and as your methods and skills improve, so will the benefits. It takes time, skill and practice to become a real King Fu master!

If you’d like a little help putting together a unique SEO program for your business, why not give us a call? We won’t baffle you with jargon, or cloak our work in mystery. Instead expect plain simple language, improvement you can see from day 1 and a genuinely tailor-made SEO solution for your business.

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