Bing Ads. Are They Worth It?

Are you missing an easy win by not advertising with Bing? After all, it is the world’s second-largest search engine.

We are all familiar with Google for both internet searching and advertising and the search giant is undoubtedly the market leader in PPC marketing. However, alternates exist and you’d be wise not to ignore them. Bing Ads are Microsoft’s equivalent to Google and given this year’s data where its search market share grew to 19.7% of the market, it is definitely worth considering.

So does advertising on Bing’s search platform actually work? And is it worth investing in?


What is Bing Advertising?

Bing ads are essentially the same as Google ads. A Pay Per Click (PPC) platform that is engineered to target specific audiences and increase traffic to your website.

The nuts and bolts are very similar to Google ads; title and meta data lengths are broadly similar, they work on an auction system where keywords drive adverts toward specific users and the use of specific keywords drives a website up the ranking in the Bing search results.


Coverage and Demographic

Bing is growing, whilst it is not as large as Google, the most recent data shows it holds approximately 20% of the search market share. As Bing is a Microsoft company you are also advertising on Yahoo, AOL, MSN. By spreading your advertising campaign across google and Bing you are covering the whole market and ensuring you have complete market visibility.
Bing Ads may be useful if you are looking to target a specific demographic.

The largest group of Bing users are between 45 and 54 and a large proportion of these users have an income of 100k or above. Bing also has large numbers of married users and users with children with 51% of Bing users being married and a further 45% have children that are living at home.

The win is clear, if you’re looking for a specific target group, do your homework and spread your marketing budget across multiple search engines to target specific groups.


How much do Bing Ads Cost?

As pay-per-click advertising goes, Bing is cheaper than Google, approximately 50% cheaper. Creating a Microsoft Advertising account is free with the only costs being the budget needed for keyword bids. Some will argue this is because of the lower market share when compared to Google and a smaller market share means smaller reach for your adverts. However, as described above if you’re targeting asset rich high earners who are married with children Bing is the way to go.


Ad Click Through Rates

Bing has higher click-through rates for shopping and financial services. In part, this success is due to Yahoo and MSN offering financial reporting resources, notably yahoo finance, which will enable you to reach a specific interested demographic of a particular age, with a particular income.

This type of targeting means higher engagement and therefore higher click-through rates.

Bing Pay Per Click ads have higher engagement and higher conversion rates. However, research is needed to ensure your business is suited to Bing ads. As is now clear Bing works at its best when you are targeting a specific demographic of high earners. As with all campaigns, it is important to follow metrics in the Microsoft Advertising interface.


Bing’s Advertising Targeting Capabilities

The great strength of Bings Ads is linked to its targeting capabilities, notably its links with other financial reporting resources such as Yahoo Finance and most notably professional social networking tools such as LinkedIn. In addition to general targeting abilities such as market, location, day of the week, gender, age with LinkedIn targeting you can market your organisation or service to specific business or company.


So, Are Bing Ads Worth it?

The plain and simple answer is yes if you have a clear demographic you want to target with a specific service that a demographic will be interested in. As with all investments, investing your marketing budget in a PPC advertising campaign can work well if you do your homework. If you do that, and the Microsoft Advertising interface will give you metrics on both market coverage and conversion rates, you can make Bing advertising work for you.

However, given the market share and specificities of Bing it may be sensible to see it as part of an overall marketing strategy that should include a range of other advertising approaches.

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