Too many ‘slow’ months and a talented sales team, spending too much of their precious time tracking down fresh leads, was the trigger that led one company to search for a reliable method of feeding their sales funnel.

How do you locate key decision makers when traditional lead generation simply isn’t performing?

With a solid reputation for providing high quality courses and training to business and a market-leading offer, the problem facing Track Training, was how best to engage with new customers and introduce their business directly to key decision makers, without having to wade through lower ranked staff, in a bid to reach management.

“We are very confident in our award-winning range of training packages and my sales team are fantastic at closing deals, so I was sure I didn’t want them to spend their time “cold calling“. Or worse, sitting around waiting for incoming enquiries from our website, emails or word-of-mouth,” says Sales Manager, Dean Sanders.

“We had used other lead generation companies in the past, with varying degrees of success. Some had been good to begin with, delivering a decent amount of leads every week or month. But either the quality or quantity of leads would always drop off quickly, leaving us back at square one”, continues Sanders, “Which is where we were when I came across Cash Cow Marketing”.

The easiest way to reach decision makers is by speaking to them directly

With coronavirus forcing many companies to introduce harsh new working practices, the challenges of traditional marketing techniques are greater than ever. As every business comes to terms with the ‘new normal’, it was clear the challenge facing the sales team at Track Training was to open up fresh revenue channels – at a time when many, well-established routes to market were tightening up.

With a bright and extremely web-savvy sales team, we immediately saw opportunities for Track to increase and improve its use of social media, most specifically LinkedIn, as a way to bypass old-school methods of introduction and engage directly with their target audience – senior management figures.

A tailored approach to LinkedIn, built around company goals

Working directly with Sanders and his team, we helped optimise company profiles and position Track Training as an authoritative, go-to resource for businesses outsourcing their training requirements.

Then we asked Track to tell us a little about their ideal clients. Using the data provided by Sanders and his team, we reverse engineered those profiles, to identify other business leaders with similar challenges.

During the first month, we reached out to over 1000 matching profiles, sending a personalised series of 3 messages via LinkedIn, delivered over the course of one week. Our approach was soft. The first message was simply an invitation to connect, the second, sent the next day explained a little more about Track Training, while the third, delivered 7 days after the first, detailed our offering and invited respondents to ‘schedule a call’.

Reach 1000s of your ideal clients - every month

Using your LinkedIn profile

Identify hundreds of valuable new sales leads

Each one a perfect fit


Bespoke, engaging messages for your LinkedIn outreach

Become a thought-leader

Generate dozens of new business enquiries weekly

Feed you sales funnel

A lasting investment with returns that keep on delivering

Over the initial 4 week period, Track Training generated in excess of 400 new LinkedIn connections, 22 business enquiries and 7 contracts, although sales manager Dean Sanders suspects the results were even better;

“It’s not just the direct leads and quick returns we make through LinkedIn. Other benefits are harder to determine, we have had connections contacting us months after our initial outreach and hiring our services – quite simply because we’re now a part of their professional landscape.”

Following the success of our collaboration with Track Training, Cash Cow Marketing now runs regular LinkedIn outreach campaigns for the company, introducing new leads to the sales force, raising brand awareness and growing their profile as a leading provider of training services to industry.

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is much more than Facebook for business. Or that smart businesses are using the platform every day to connect with their potential customers, create meaningful relationships and generate more sales.

At a time when almost every company must adapt its current business model, leveraging the resources you already have could not be more important. Failing to use the facility LinkedIn provides for connecting is simply leaving money on the table.

If you’d like to learn how LinkedIn could be feeding your sales team with engaged and interested new leads, give us a call today, or use the form below to send us a message. One of our team will be happy to give you a callback and explain how we can help.



Every month more than 1000 perfect clients, fitting criteria set by you, receive a LinkedIn request to connect


Add more than 300 new connections every month and engage with them by personal message


The average customer using this plan is generating more than 20 sales engagements per month

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