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Break New Markets – B2B Data

Crucial to making a success of your business marketing campaigns is having accurate, current contact information for the companies you want to reach.

Find your ideal targets, with our precise targeted data.

Our team are experts in researching and identifying a contact list that perfectly matches your chosen criteria, effectively delivering highly effective market intelligence to your sales force.

We have millions of businesses on record, in the UK alone – and we’re constantly revising our data, ensuring it’s up to date and relevant. Unlike most data companies, we’re one of the very few providers prepared to offer a full, no quibbles guarantee on all the information we provide.

Take your pick from our full range of business data packages, or call our London offices on 0203 8238984. One of our data managers will be happy to explain how we can help your business do more business!

The Cash Cow Guarantee

How many data providers can offer you a 100% guarantee on all the data they hold on their databases? Sadly, the answer is not many! But at Cash Cow Marketing our rigorous checking processes ensure every list we deliver comprises the very latest, precise data, updates in real-time.

Why We’re Different

Hundreds of leading brands, from the UK and around the world, trust us to provide the raw data that fuels their marketing efforts. They know our intelligence analysts can deliver the company data they need to drive sales, connecting your team with key decision-makers. All our B2B data is created to order, drawing from our vast database and updated daily.

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We take a flexible approach with every company we work with, always taking the time to match your exact business goals with the data we deliver.

We gather our data from many different sources, taking the time to drill down on your specific requirements, to match you with an ideal selection of leads, delivered in a format that’s easy for your team to work with.

Typically, we can include the following data:


  • The full name of a company
  • Full address with postcode
  • Personal contact information on management and decision-makers
  • Their position or role at the firm
  • Current telephone number
  • Email address
  • Size of the company
  • Key financial information
We work really hard on ensuring all the information we provide is accurate, up to date and valid. 

Daily checks mean our data is probably the most reliable and up to date list of company data on the market, rigorously checked against the following 5 criteria:


  1. Companies House validation
  2. Royal Mail address validation
  3. Personally checked job titles, personal email and role
  4. Email address confirmation
  5. Telephone verification via BT

Worldwide Business Data

At Cash Cow Marketing our reach extends way beyond simply the UK. We have instant access to thoroughly researched B2B data on millions of companies, across target industries throughout Europe, the USA, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Wherever you want to explore new markets and target new clients, we can probably help!

At Cash Cow Marketing we know that doing good business means building relationships and that this can take time. That’s why all our data packages are multi-use, so you can revisit them, create trust and build lasting relationships in new territories.

Use our data as often as you like, safe in the knowledge that you have as long as you need.

At Cash Cow Marketing we store the email and contact information of companies in a wide selection of industries. Constantly updated, we maintain vast records of the leading companies within each market.

Our current databases hold millions of records, giving you the freedom to refine your criteria to exactly match your business goals. That means your sales force has the best possible chance to reach prospects wherever you want them.

And we’re constantly reviewing the data we hold on the following sectors:


  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Banking & Finance
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Architecture, Construction & Transport
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Education, Universities & Schools
We are a full-service marketing agency, helping SMEs meet the challenges of doing smarter business in a fast-evolving environment.

We also offer a comprehensive range of marketing resources including:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Digital Marketing & Web

For a full list of our services take a look here, or better still, give one of our team a call on 0203 8238984 to discuss your challenges and how Cash Cow Marketing can help you reach new customers.

About Us

At Cash Cow Marketing our roots are firmly rooted in B2B marketing, engaging in direct peer to peer contact with your business prospects.

Our management team has decades of experience in the field and have recruited a talented team.

Our goal is to help companies achieve their business goals through finely focused lead generation and peer-to-peer marketing. With Cash Cow Marketing the pain barrier is removed.

Straight forward delivery processes, tangible results and a smooth, joined-up marketing to sales flow.

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