The first in a new monthly round up of what’s new in the world of B2B marketing and lead generation.

The growing importance of data management for marketers

In an ever more connected world it’s becoming clear that data has an increasingly important role in B2B & B2C marketing. But a recent article posted on the MartechToday website claims too many companies still consider gathering, managing and analysing as an afterthought, used to justify – rather than influence marketing efforts.

But without establishing analytical systems and ways of effectively ‘managing’ and monitoring data flow, author Jose Cebrian argues, companies are at risk of wasting money and being left behind, in an increasingly crowded (and competitive) marketing environment.

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Making the most of your marketing content

Whether you’re managing the generation and lifecycle of leads for a large corporation or simply trying to attract new clients to a small business, a recent guide – published by business magazine Forbes – offers some invaluable advice on making the most of your online marketing efforts.

From how to set up a ‘marketing calendar’ to innovative ways of generating fresh leads you may never have considered, the guide provides a useful resource for those in need of inspiration.

Keep it relevant

One of the report’s key suggestions is to publish new content on a regular basis, typically in the form of blog posts and articles. But how do you ensure your writing is both useful to readers and increasing your chances of turning them into customers? These 5 tips – written by marketing and entrepreneurial author John Hall – form an essential foundation for anyone not sure how to move their content marketing strategy forward.

Don’t expect instant success

Research shows it can take as many as 13 ‘touch points’ to turn a first time visitor to your website into a paying client, which emphasises the importance of feeding them quality content, that reaches out and addresses their needs or concerns, combined with accurate data management.

If that’s a challenge for your company, check out these 8 proven lead generation strategies for bloggers, as published on the website. Packed with useful ideas on what subjects to cover, how to present your work for maximum conversion and simple ways to increase user engagement, they provide inspiration and direction for your inbound marketing efforts.

Finding the right mix

According to media news site Adotas, 83% of business believe digital marketing is an effective way to reach new customers – and easier to manage than traditional forms of promotion. But it’s very much an evolving area for marketers and it can be difficult to pin down which channels are right for a particular business.

While email and social media marketing are probably the best known – and most used – forms of digital engagement, newer models, such as influencer marketing, sponsored content and endorsed partnerships can provide untapped opportunities for business.

Here at Cash Cow our we understand there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution to integrated marketing. That’s why the recommendations we make and the strategies we implement are unique to every client we work with.

For an informal chat about your company’s digital marketing challenges and how Cash Cow can help you achieve better results from your efforts, please do feel free to get in touch.

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