Email marketing and why it means so much more than email

Email marketing is a very effective way to drive traffic to your business. Creating that connection with leads in such a personal way means even now, in a confusing digital landscape, it remains one of the most successful ways of getting eyes on your services or products.

But while it’s a potent weapon in generating leads, if other parts of your online offering don’t compliment the message you could easily lose those prospective customers, simply because they don’t see what they’re expecting when they arrive on your website.

Email marketing

Preparing your pages – and other digital properties – to deliver the kind of experience customers want in order to become customers. This excellent 2-part series, on tech blog DMNews, has a huge range of tips and strategies for newcomers and seasoned pros, looking to improve performance and squeeze every last penny of value from their campaigns.

Are you factoring in GDPR to your email marketing?

It’s also worth remembering – in these days of GDPR – that there are clear rules to be followed when you send an email or newsletter and failure to conform to them can land you in hot water.

Take UK finance company Boost, who were hit last month with a £90,000 fine after an email marketing campaign the company ran was deemed illegal. The case, which dates back to 2017, involves what the UK Data Protection Authority describe as an unsolicited email promotion for pre-paid funeral services sent to more than 4 million people.

In a specific ruling, the ICO (the UK data protection regulator) found that while recipients had given consent to be contacted by companies affiliated with Boost, they had not given specific permission for the organisation named as sending the email –

The takeaway from this story is not to take risks with your email marketing. Make sure you read up on the legal obligations are, or better still, leave managing your lead generation to the professionals.

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Do you have a social media strategy?

A recent study of businesses, by tech website, found more than 70% are planning to increase their social media marketing activity over the next year, although fewer than half said they have any kind of strategy in place to make it happen.

But by reinforcing your marketing activities, with a strong social media presence, you have the opportunity to connect with prospects on many more levels – and in places they’re far more likely to be receptive to your message. If you’re still in the social media wilderness, this article has lots of useful tips and advice on what you should be doing.

Be prepared for conversion to take time

Research tells us that it can take up to 13 ‘touch points’ to turn a targeted visitor into a paying customer, supporting the argument – made in a recent post on marketing website Business2Community – for email marketers to develop structured, conversion optimised systems to turn visitors into viable leads and sales.

That means accepting people will have certain expectations from your website – the style of your pages, their content and the ‘journey’ they’ll take to become a customer. Get these elements right and you’re on the way to a better ROI, according to author and consultant John Hall – who used this recent article on the Forbes website to share some practical tips on this subject.

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