Unlocking Business Potential in Hampshire with Get Set Solent


Cash Cow appointed as an approved supplier to another government-funded business initiative



Cash Cow Marketing is proud to have been selected as an approved supplier of digital services for the Get Set Solent scheme. This Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) was initiated by the Government to give local communities the opportunity to take control of future economic development.

GetSet Solent aims to open doors for small businesses and community enterprises in the region and as part of the scheme, we will be delivering web design and makeovers, SEO and digital marketing.

Understanding the Get Set Solent Scheme:

The Get Set Solent scheme is an invaluable resource aimed at empowering and funding small businesses and community enterprises throughout the Solent region. By offering grant funding and tailored business support, the scheme encourages local entities to embrace digital transformation and unlock their full potential in today’s competitive market.

Cash Cow Marketing: Supporting Business Growth:

As an approved supplier under the Get Set Solent scheme, Cash Cow Marketing is dedicated to helping small businesses and community enterprises thrive. We bring our expertise in web design, SEO and digital marketing to create compelling online experiences, improve search engine visibility and drive customer engagement. We’ll be delivering tailored solutions that align with grant recipients’ goals to ensure their businesses stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


getset solent cash cow marketing

Seizing the Opportunity:

The Get Set Solent scheme opens doors for businesses in Hampshire to embrace digital growth and stay ahead of the competition. Companies and organisations choosing to work with us will gain access to a trusted digital partner who understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses and community enterprises. Our goal, as part of the program, is to provide the guidance and support needed to make the most of the scheme’s resources and drive businesses in Hampshire forward.

Is your business based in Southampton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, the New Forest or anywhere in Hampshire? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to propel your business forward. If you’re interested in any of the services we provide, give us a call or use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

One of the team will be delighted to explain how we can assist you in leveraging the Get Set Solent scheme and growing your business on the web.

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