Leveraging Google Business Pages for Global Franchise Growth


Despite the fact that Google is closing down its free website feature, do not think that Google local SEO is dead… This challenging recent project taught us some valuable lessons about the staggering effectiveness of the Google Business platform and how even the largest companies can leverage its free features to grow business wherever they operate. 



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It’s a problem facing more and more businesses who operate across national or international borders: Maintaining a global brand identity while allowing local franchise holders to thrive presents a significant challenge.


How Google Local SEO Can Help Larger Multi Location Business

We recently undertook a significant project on behalf of a global company with hundreds of franchise holders spanning over 30 countries. Our client was seeking a solution to empower their local franchise owners with personalised marketing strategies, without diluting their worldwide brand message.


The Challenge: Think Local, Grow Local

The challenge lay in striking a balance between preserving global brand identity while enabling franchise holders to connect with local customers on a more personal level. Traditional marketing methods had had some success, but often failed to capture the nuances of individual markets and lacked the agility required for the diverse locations covered by our client.


Our Solution: Scaleable & Easy Enough to Replicate Locally

Our solution centered on harnessing purely the power of Google Business Pages to enhance the visibility and engagement of each franchise holder. Over a 4-month period, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy that provided bespoke messaging tailored to each business location.

Most importantly, our solution had to deliver a scalable and effective approach.


A Time Tested Formula for Google Local SEO

So, with all that in mind, we turned to the Google Business platform and – using the same Google local SEO methodology we’ve employed countless times, with hundreds of other businesses – set about ensuring the following elements were in place;

Full Setup and Optimisation: We ensured each franchise holder’s Google Business page was fully set up, ensuring it contained all necessary information to enhance discoverability, including address, current phone numbers and – of course – a full and engaging business summary containing location specific keywords.

Enhanced New Features: Recognising the evolving landscape of the Google Business platform, we leveraged emerging features such as the new links to social platforms and the ‘Updates’ tool, effectively turning each individual Google Business page into a dynamic marketing hub, completed with regular ‘blog’ posts.

Local Focus: By concentrating solely on individual franchise pages rather than the main business, we ensured a hyper-localised approach that would resonate with diverse audiences – without compromising the global brand image.

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Results: A Local Hub

The screenshot above, is from one of the 7 locations we worked on and shows a steep increase in the number of individual interactions achieved over the course of our work. In fact, it shows an exact doubling of local engagement from 184 visits to 368 over a 4-month period. Not bad even by Cash Cow standards and much faster than we’d expect to see from traditional SEO results.

Within just 6 weeks of implementing our strategy, tangible results were evident across the board. The growth achieved surpassed expectations, demonstrating the efficacy of our approach. Key outcomes included:

Significant Performance Improvement: Through direct comparison of Google local results, it was evident that the locations where our strategy was implemented massively outperformed those where it was not. This performance disparity was stark.

Enhanced Visibility: Each franchise holder experienced heightened visibility in local search results, leading to increased phone calls, foot traffic and digital interactions.

Improved Customer Engagement: The personalised touch afforded by the optimised Google Business pages fostered deeper connections with local customers, driving loyalty and repeat business.


Conclusion: Think Local, Act Local

In conclusion, our focused utilisation of the Google Business Page proved instrumental in addressing the unique marketing needs of a global company with diverse franchise holders. By embracing new features while maximising existing ones, we empowered local business owners to thrive within their respective markets while maintaining a cohesive global brand identity. The measurable success achieved underscores the effectiveness of leveraging digital platforms for targeted marketing initiatives in today’s competitive landscape.

You don’t have to be a global business, with hundreds of locations, to benefit from working your Google Business page for more local clients. Any company with a regional focus or relying on a catchment area around their location can quickly develop a stronger presence online by leveraging Google.

If you’d like more information about transforming your Google Business page from an ‘also ran’ to the dominant resource in your sector, give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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