Why SEO is so important for independent healthcare professionals & private practice owners

How to cut through the noise and get your independent clinic or private practice noticed online

Struggling to get new patients or bookings? This should help…


Medical SEO is how independent medical practices and private healthcare professionals get found online.

Are you a healthcare practitioner struggling to rise above the competition, have you tried and failed to grow your business yourself, or been burned by another agency promising you the earth?

Maybe you’re struggling to get to grips with the amount of work involved in marketing yourself online, or simply too busy to make the time?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the answer to all of the above, and will improve the search engine rankings for your practice or site. Not sure where to start? Wondering what exactly is medical SEO and what are the benefits? This article will help.

Medical SEO is how you raise your website’s ranking so you show more prominently in search results. Increasing your internet visibility through SEO will result in more website traffic, more calls and more bookings.


What we mean by Medical & Healthcare SEO

Search Engine Optimisation will identify the keywords that individuals use when searching for the service you offer in the area you operate. Insertion of these keywords into your website will help your website to register higher in results on search engines such as Google.

The ultimate goal for any practice is to win the top slot when an internet user types in a relevant keyword to their practice. Naturally, top spot can never be guaranteed or promised and holding on to that prize will be a long fight. But with a little work you can easily secure a spot on the first page of search results, build a strong foundation to grow your business long into the future – and secure a measurable increase in bookings. In short, a great return on your investment.

It’s unlikely you’re the only provider of your particular service in the catchment area of your clinic or practice. Its also likely that large corporates are advertising through the internet and hoovering up a good chunk of your potential new clients.

However, with good SEO you can differentiate your healthcare practice from the competition and increase the number of new patients you see. You can use local SEO as part of your strategy to reach your community online more effectively.

healthcare and medical seo

How to improve your website’s ranking & bring in more patients?

In addition to using specific keywords related to your service, for example, “Your Service in Your Town”, other easy ways to improve the performance of your website should include;

  • Ensuring your pages are SEO friendly (this guide should help)
  • Linking internally – literally linking your pages together through text links
  • Keeping page URLs short, concise, and keyword rich
  • Regularly updating content to show your expertise in your chosen discipline
  • Leveraging your free Google Business page (some tips on doing that here)
  • Adding an FAQs page to your website where you can answer the most common questions patients ask you
  • List your practice or clinic on specialist medical, healthcare or wellbeing directories

Need a little help?

All this can be a little daunting when what you are really interested in is seeing patients.

However, help is at hand. It may be worthwhile asking a specialist healthcare SEO company for support.

They will be staffed with experts who understand both the technical aspects of SEO and the value of correct medical terminology. At Cash Cow Marketing we like to think we’re just such a company.

15 years of experience working with private practice, independent clinics and healthcare professionals have made the sector a real sweet spot for our team. In that time we’ve helped countless practitioners grow their business.

In many cases our clients have gone on to open new facilities, take on more staff and expand their business to cope with demand. Check out our case studies for real world examples of companies like Hear Clear NI, who have grown from 1 location to 3 since hiring us in early 2021. Or the market-leading Fit to Fly Testing Clinics who went from pandemic startup to a multi-million pound company in under 2 years.

Don’t get left behind while your competitors cash in online. Get your website where it belongs, at the top of Google search results.
Learn more about the SEO and marketing solutions we provide for private practitioners, healthcare professionals and independent clinics.

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