How SMEs Can Bridge The Upcoming Skills Gap

Why do businesses complain that young people leave school without the employment-ready skills then do nothing about it?

Here’s what Cash Cow Marketing is doing to bridge the upcoming skills gap! Cash Cow Marketing is really pleased to announce we’ve joined forces with CyberStreet – the new business platform that connects SMEs with young people, helping the next generation plug the upcoming skills gap by ensuring they’re employment-ready.

We are primarily a marketing and SEO company, based in London, and like a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses, we’re committed to ensuring tomorrow’s workforce have skills aligned to our needs as a company – and a fast-changing business environment.

CyberStreet share our goal, aiming to inspire young people from all backgrounds to be the best person they can; inspired, prosperous and full of self-belief. They understand that university is not for everyone and that apprenticeships aren’t well suited to many of today’s workplaces.

Increasingly, companies prefer to train up new staff on the job – direct from school. CyberStreet aims to provide that link, connecting school-leavers with companies like Cash Cow Marketing, who are committed to developing talent through sustainable relationships with young people. We’d encourage anybody reading this to take a look at the CyberStreet website.

The potential benefits to business owners of nurturing early connections with the workforce of the future is an obvious win-win, increasing your resilience to change and enriching the lives of the young people involved.

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