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Cash Cow’s roots are founded in B2B telemarketing, engaging in peer to peer contact with your prospects over the phone.


Time and again our clients see a return on their investment with Cash Cow Marketing, acquiring highly qualified, carefully targeted business lead generation, meeting unique criteria outlined to us by each client we work with.

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The quality of the leads we generate for our clients demonstrates our strength in this area.

“Our ultimate measure for success is the business growth and expansion of our clients.”

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B2B Telemarketing and Lead Generation

Do you want to meet with decision makers who want to engage your business?

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Delegate Booking Services

Do you want to get all of your clients or prospects in the same room at once? Perhaps for a new product launch, a round table event or a first time introduction into your services?

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Direct Mail Marketing Services

Do you want to send your prospects something extra special that will make you stand out from the competition?

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Market Research Services

Do you want to know what your clients or prospects really think about your business?

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Automated Marketing Package

Do you want your organisation to grow without spending thousands per month on marketing?


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