How to use LinkedIn lead generation effectively to market your business

LinkedIn marketing isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s one of the most effective lead generation tools a business could ask for. In this post we outline the simple but incredibly effective strategy we use to engage with more than 2000 fresh leads every month.

LinkedIn lead generation explained


Nobody enjoys sifting through their email and LinkedIn users are no different!
As a quick example, let’s say you own a fintech startup.

Does that old school buddy who’s flying high as a restaurant owner really want to receive your LinkedIn marketing emails? Unlikely.

But, that new connection you added last week that works in cybersecurity? He’s a perfect match!

This doesn’t mean that you should delete the pastry enthusiast from your LinkedIn — just skip him when thinking of your email marketing list.
The “spray and pray” approach doesn’t work anymore; it never really did. Quality over quantity will always reign supreme.

The best LinkedIn lead generation campaign or email marketing strategy focuses on carefully picking the targets for high-quality lead lists and only then on crafting a perfect message for them. This will result in a higher open and response rate, as selected recipients see the value of your message.

LinkedIn is the best place to find such people and companies, especially for B2B needs.

It’s also fairly simple. These are just some of the many ideas that come to mind:

  • Industry-relevant hashtags — These show you the posts related to your line of work and people who made them, liked, or commented on them.
  • Relevant public figures — Profiles of people with a substantial amount of followers and connections act as an agora of some sort; their audience is a vast pool of possible connections for you to pick from.
  • Professional groups — Places where people get together to discuss news, trends, issues, ask for help, or product/ service recommendations: an ideal opportunity for you to jump in!
  • Competitors — This hack will show you how to “steal” their followers. Enhancing your presence while simultaneously squashing your competitors.

Now that you’ve gained insight into promising LinkedIn marketing and lead generation demographics, it’s time to go ahead and connect — the correct way.


Connecting with real people in a meaningful way

Being connected means much more than adding someone on LinkedIn.

When people let you in their circle, online and in real life, that is because they’re hoping it will bring them something good in return. That good thing certainly isn’t another sales pitch in their inbox.
It’s very important to ease into your leads first. Whether you send them a personalised email or contact them via LinkedIn InMail, let yourself be known in advance. Likes, comments, jokes, directing them towards useful resources — all of those activities represent the steps that help build a relationship.

Additionally, you can dedicate some time to produce valuable content for LinkedIn marketing. It should be something your connections appreciate, and it should create a positive association with your brand’s image.


Craft a message that won’t make them roll their eyes

Think about the email you write. If you were to receive it, would you open it, or would you instantly chuck it in the bin? You can’t expect others to read through your email if you can’t read it yourself!
We recommend using these directions to export LinkedIn contacts in a fast, safe, and practical way. The whole process is automated and allows you to use the list in multiple ways.

However, creating a message that stands out is a bit trickier. Create appealing messages, (like we did in this case study) should be given as much attention as creating a new website.

Let’s start with some actionable tips for the subject line since it’s the first thing they’ll see:

  • Personalise it — No, using the good old “Hey, (recipient name)!” format won’t do it. Appeal to their interest by addressing the pain point, competition, mutual contact, or a shared interest.
  • One-liners are the way to go — Here, you’ll have to be short and go straight to the point because you don’t have a lot of characters at your disposal. One-liners are even shorter than the elevator pitch, which should be kept for the body of your email.
  • Create a seamless transition — Don’t forget to connect the point of your message with the subject line, so you don’t disappoint or annoy them with something completely unrelated.
  • Trigger their curiosity — When everything else fails, write something interesting. Nothing offensive or outrageous, but intriguing. Keep them engaged.
linkedin marketing

LinkedIn marketing begins with a well-crafted message

After the subject line comes the email body. These are some tried and true instructions for high-performing emails:

  • Just like you did with the subject line, keep it short and sweet. Three hundred words max should do the trick.
  • The text should be easy on the eyes. Use enough white space between concise sentences.
  • Insert simple and attractive visuals and infographics to showcase the data. Check graphic maker online.
  • Place a CTA at the end in the shape of an eye-catching button that guides the recipients to a well-made landing page.
  • Send a video in your email body but don’t overdo it and make it too lengthy — just a short video to catch their attention.

It’s important to note that when using LinkedIn lead generation in this way, you stick to individual outreach and do not automatically enroll these contacts in your automated email nurture campaigns. The latter requires GDPR compliance and for recipients to provide your company with permission to email them and send them ongoing messages. (Not sure? This LinkedIn marketing case study explains our approach)


Final Notes

Each startup should use LinkedIn for its email marketing strategy. With a few good tools and tactics, it’s a cost-effective way to build A-grade lists that are bound to increase conversion rates. To make the most out of these, marketers need to create attractive and personalized messages people won’t transfer to the spam or junk folders.

We hope this article has helped you understand the potential of a strategic LinkedIn marketing plan. If you’d like to discover a simple way of putting that plan on hyperdrive – and generating up to 2000 fresh leads every month for your business send us  an email here or give us a call on 0203 8238984

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