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Check out our annual review of the latest trends in Local SEO, complete with useful links and handy tips to help you make this the year your business leaves the competition behind.

Simple DIY SEO solutions for local business to improve their rankings and increase web traffic


Search engine optimisation, or SEO for small businesses is constantly evolving and while it’s impossible to predict what Google will demand in order to rank well in the coming 12 months, we can anticipate the trends it’s leaning towards, based on what we’ve seen over the last year.

As business owners, we have more local SEO solutions and tools at our disposal than ever before and as consumers the options available to us online are growing fast. The presence of voice-activated devices in our homes, for example, has dramatically altered how many of us interact with the web when we’re searching for a takeaway meal or local service, (more on this later).

So how do you rank better and secure a fatter slice of the local search market? Here are our SEO & Marketing suggestions for what you can do now to improve your online presence.


Leverage your Google Business reviews

First and foremost, Google reviews are more important than ever before. Customer reviews are not only great to critique your own product but they help your page gain traction on Google.

Generate more customer reviews by adding a direct link to your Google Business profile or Facebook page here.

Try to include a link in follow-up emails, digital invoices and receipts. Also try to respond to reviews, it will look great for other potential customers and shows you value their opinion and take them seriously.


Voice search optimisation – It’s here…

Optimise for Voice Search. For example ‘’Alexa, where can I find coffee nearby?’’, or ‘’SEO company near me’’.

More and more of us are using voice search and voice texting to find what we need online. As website owners this gives us an easy opportunity. And by optimising your site for these kinds of searches you will organically attract potential visitors (from Google search results).

Voice search can easily be implemented for your website via an HTML link easily found online – you’ll find a handy guide to do that here.

Once added to your site, it is now compatible to pop up via voice search. Search for the words and phrases people use when searching for the products or services you provide and then include them in page titles, descriptions and your website content.


Mobile friendly means google friendly

Mobile-friendly site optimisation is now the standard as so many people now use their mobile devices for everything online. That means Google prefers sites that look good on a phone and prioritises them in search results.

Plus,  having your site mobile friendly will greatly increase the chance visitors will stick around when viewing it on their smartphone.

How mobile friendly is your website? Now could be the time to check. If it’s not easy for potential customers to contact you, buy from you or get in touch, it could be time for a makeover.

Use Google’s free mobile-test platform to check how your website appears on smaller screens.


Google Business Profile – a must have

Having a complete and up-to-date Google Business profile is more important now than ever. It is perfectly optimised and easily navigated for potential visitors. Google will also rank your site higher if it has a Google business profile.

Get started on your Google Business Profile (GBP) by checking if Google already has a record for your business here.


Video – Make your seo & marketing visual

Video content is increasing in popularity, as is image optimisation. Creating engagement via video content and images is a terrific way to organically gain traction for your site. Google likes seeing as much content as possible when ranking pages, and adding videos as well as images is an effective way to rank higher.

Customers love to know a bit more about the businesses they’re dealing with and video is a great way to show them what’s great about your company. If you are new to video, try recording something and sharing on your Facebook page, or GMB profile. You’ll be amazed at the response….


More content – the ultimate seo solution

Well-written content optimised for search engines has always been a large part of Google’s algorithims, and continues to be a dominant factor in ranking. Having posts with a high word count is something Google likes to see when ranking websites. Of course the information has to be relevant but padding out your site with as much content as possible is an effective method for long term growth,

Get started writing content-rich blogs for your site, analysing or simply discussing your product or service. Talk about your experience and the journey of your business.

Google’s free Local SEO 2022 bloggers guide is an excellent place to start.


Structured data – more important than ever

Structured data is key, Google has implemented various tools that will detect the format of which content is structured. Describing your site with structured content will become an increasingly more important component for SEO in the future.

If you are using programs such as WordPress or Wix, structuring your content is very simple. Schema markups are easily generated and added to your page.

You can try it yourself and generate your own schema markup here.

local business seo 2022

Company info – keep it factual & up to date

It’s absolutely crucial your business information is accurate and up to date.

Google is becoming more and more strict about having relevant and factual information and using that data to rank or order pages. Making sure that company information and contact details on your website and Google Business profile match, are accurate and regularly updated when needed is a great way to stay on top.


Use Google’s free SEO & marketing tools

Google search console is important for a number of reasons such as: resolving server or site loading issues, as well as security concerns such as hacking or malware. But it also contains really useful data on the keywords people use to find your website and the pages they visit.

Users search intent, there are also numerous free tools online that can help you find out what exactly your potential customers are looking for. Various phrases or questions as well as keywords will be of ever increasing importance going forward.

Take a look at the Google Search Console, where you can learn more related to your product like search trends. Discover what phrases or questions people are searching related to your product or service.


AI – It’s really not that hard!

AI (artificial intelligence) will continue gaining importance for local SEO in 2022, it is changing the way users interact with content and SEO is adapting to it. There are numerous tools that will automatically scan your website and pick up areas you have room for improvement.

Programs such as Brightlocal will scan your site and inform you with what changes your site would benefit from as well as tracking your sites rankings based on searches.


User experience – take a long hard look

User experience is crucial for – and a large part of – SEO.

The 2 work simultaneously, SEO is your site communicating with Google, and the user experience is how your site communicates and engages with the user. Each will compliment the other.

Page experience – example, load times are becoming more important. As people’s devices become more speedy and advanced, it will become more and more important for your website to match the speeds they’re used to.

There are numerous tools online that will help guide you through ways you can optimise your site experience, using modern and up to date programs are a great starting point. But why not just look at your website – on desktop and mobile – and consider how it appears to a customer.


Keyword research & Local SEO in 2022

Keywords are at the heart of SEO for local business. Because by understanding exactly what your customers are searching for you can adjust your website to include the words and terms

The best way to gain more visitors is to implement keywords on your site. Keyword research is required, but once you know what your customers are searching for it will be easy to have your site rank higher.

Again the free to use Google Search Console can help here as it records all the keywords and search terms your website has been shown for.

There are many tools available for you to do keyword research. Many of which are free to use. Studying your competitors can also be an effective way to research keywords.


What’s next?

We hope this quick guide has been of use to you. Everything we’ve included is push-button simple to implement and will improve the SEO performance of your site. Each one of the tips we’ve written about already has importance and holds weight in Google’s search algorithims, helping to determine in what order websites are displayed in results.

If you have any questions, or would prefer to recruit an expert team of SEO & marketing professionals to manage the work for you, give us a call or fill out the form to kickstart your journey to the top of page 1.

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