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It’s time for your website – and your business – to be where it should be.

At the top of Google search results, exactly where your customers can find you easily and buy the products or services you sell.

From our affordable SEO packages to the depth of talent in our team and the quality of data at our fingertips, we build proactive strategies to fit your business and its digital marketing challenges.




It does not matter what your business offers, whether it’s a service based company or a retailer, simply having a great website is not enough. In an increasingly competitive internet, if your potential customers can’t find you on the web they’ll never be able to hire or buy from you.

But if you’re like most business owners, working hard to run a company in challenging times, learning SEO and making the necessary technical edits to your website, is something you just don’t have time for.

If that’s the case, let us use your audit to create a custom plan, based on your company’s business goals and budget, designed to start driving more visitors to your website from day 1 – leaving you free to do what you do best, run your company!


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Wherever your customers are, our SEO skills embrace local, national and worldwide strategies to achieve the growth our clients need.

Looking to develop a local business? Our work can be tailored to your local community. Need national coverage for key services? Again our strategy will deliver on a national level. Planning to go global? We have the experience and knowledge to deliver your products or services to the world.

At Cash Cow Marketing we provide the complete solution. We have experts in every department, specialist copywriters, coders, technical managers and data scientists. We cover all the bases so you don’t have to.



We live and breathe this stuff. Established in 2008 we have evolved just like the web has and our understanding of the digital landscape is constantly developing to ensure we deliver the right SEO approach for your business. Our search engine optimisation team regularly engages with sector leaders, our technical staff use the latest tools to drive success and our copywriters are experts in their own respected fields.

Our agile approach means we deliver for both, seasoned companies operating in mature markets and start-ups entering new competitive industries. Trust us to get you seen online and beat off the stiffest competition. 

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Flexibility is key. Our goal is to support you and your business. Looking to outsource your entire digital marketing department? We will deliver the optimal solution. Need a little creativity to help you stand out from the crowd? We will take your ideas to the next level.

Our no-nonsense, pay-as-you-go approach will not tie you down. We always focus on the easy wins first so you can obtain results quickly. Because we don’t want you waiting around for months to see any improvement or justify ROI.

We are supremely agile – many of our clients see us as an extension of their own team. We will support you whatever your need is – need a new strategy driving forward, need someone to fill in the gaps, do the heavy lifting or simply deliver a single project – contact us today.



Our dedicated team has been with us for years. We believe in our people and as a result they believe in us. Together we work really, really well! This translates into outstanding delivery for customers and a commitment to SEO and digital marketing unmatched in our industry.

As a Cash Cow client, you can expect unlimited access to a dedicated account manager, a single point of contact for your entire project. So you’ll never be passed around and there’ll always be someone on the end of the phone, or ready to answer your email. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in working hard and offering exceptional service.

Behind your account manager will be an experienced, highly skilled and creative team with decades of experience – here to help you and your business grow.



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