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Cash Cow Marketing was founded by Clive Campbell Smith in 2008.

A hugely experienced marketing manager, Clive honed his craft working for some of the UK’s leading agencies before coming to the conclusion that he might just be able to offer something more to clients, by trying to do things a little differently. He wanted to offer companies a more aligned way of doing marketing – and to help businesses become ‘self-sufficient’ in lead generation.

As the web developed so did we, embracing new technologies and priding ourselves on our early adoption of emerging platforms and ways to help our clients grow their business.

Online and off, our work covers a broad range of activities, blending digital strategy – SEO, web design, PPC ads and digital marketing – with more traditional routes to market like email, telemarketing and lead generation.

We partner with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), start-ups, scale-ups, local firms and established organisations, helping them grow their business, develop new markets and ultimately sell more of the products or services they provide.

The advantages of partnering with Cash Cow Marketing are manifold, but perhaps our greatest strength is our ability to remove the pain barrier many businesses experience, when embarking on any marketing activity.

Straight forward delivery processes, a single project manager and transparent, tangible results you can see for yourself. In short, a joined-up marketing to sales flow you can understand and measure.

Proven Methodology

We focus on proven marketing solutions to effectively grow your business, through an omni-channel strategy that’s the perfect fit for your company.

Custom Strategy

Every business we work with is different and we understand that. Our flexible approach effectively means that partnering with Cash Cow is like hiring your own, multi-talented marketing department.

Right Team

From dedicated copywriters, copywriters, web designers and project managers to data scientists, advertising specialists and even our own call-centre, the diversity and depth of talent we have gives us the scope to build truly tailor-made solutions.

Nobody understands your business like you. And nobody can help you grow it like us!

Unique, made-to-measure marketing

We have a burning passion for what we do and strive to achieve excellence in best practice, every day. We are a unique, multifaceted agency, delivering innovative marketing strategies across multiple verticals for companies of all sizes.

Our customers are at the head of our business, and it’s this approach that means they return to us again and again. As a small to medium-sized enterprise, we have designed our model to be unique, bringing quality and longevity to our clients. Unlike other agencies, and resisting the temptation to satisfy our own egos, we have made the conscious decision to grow our business to suit our customers.

So rather than being passed from department to department, or worse still, agency to agency, when you work with Cash Cow you’ll have one dedicted project manager from the beginnng of your journey with us until the end.

Decades of experience in the industry and a dedicated team of specialists ensure continued quality level of service, without the risk of your message being lost in translation.
Our Mission is to be the most competent, reliable and effective service provider in our market place, offering unrivalled service every time, with our clients at the heart of our business, all the time.

Expect creativity, innovation, value, fairplay and most importantly, results.

Core Team

Clive Campbell Smith


Clive has 25 years of marketing experience, launching Cash Cow Marketing from its London hub in 2008, following his full-time migration to digital. An expert in helping business grow, he shines with enterprise clients including Webfleet Bridgestone Beckton Dickinson SUSE and Zen Internet.

Beverley Brooks

Operations Manager

The glue that holds us together, Beverley has been the operations manager at our London HQ since 2009.
Supremely organised, Sue manages the workload of our ever-growing team of writers, designers, marketers and developers.

Tom Carey

Senior Project Manager

An experienced and versatile Project Manager, with over 20 years of commercial knowhow. Tom’s lways happy to collaborate and demonstrate his in-depth understanding of omnichannel marketing strategies including email, LinkedIn and digital.

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Kristy Skeen

Content Manager

Originally a copywriter, Kristy’s background is in marketing. The latest addition to our London SEO team, she’s worked for agencies in London and New York creating ads and content for some of the world’s largest brands.


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Enrico Caballero

Technical Lead

Enrico cut his SEO teeth in the hyper-competitive world of hair and beauty, before leading the digital marketing team at Secret Source Software. Following spells with FindLawUS and Aligfra Digital, he moved to Hampshire and joined the Cash Cow herd!

Sophie Duvall


Sophie brings a wealth of business experience to the Cash Cow team and has been with us since 2015.
A financial administrator by training, her skillset has expanded – in true Cash Cow style – to embrace all aspects of account management, media procurement and the unenviable task of managing our in-house ads team.

James Lynch


James joined us as a junior developer but his understanding of code and platforms like WordPress, Shopify & Wix, quickly made him an indispensable member of the Cash Cow herd.
His encyclopedic knowledge of new and emerging systems made James the perfect fit for our web dev team.



Our solutions combine 360-degree marketing strategies, fully integrated and managed to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Working in isolation in any one marketing methodology will only limit the results that can be seen. Our clients experience the value of a well-planned, well-managed, creative and fully integrated marketing strategy.

Our recommendations are unique to each client.

The quickest, easiest wins for your business

With over 25 years experience in outsourced B2B sales and marketing, our knowledge of verticals offers both depth and range. We have been privileged enough to experience working for a huge range of clients, all presenting a different message to their chosen market, in a unique way.

The highs and lows of our 25 years have left us with a massive resource of knowledge; knowledge we now use to service our clients helping them to see their sales grow, and their business ambitions realised.





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Here at Cash Cow Marketing we’re very proud to have been listed by Clutch as one of the UK’s top 10 digital marketing agencies for 2 years in a row.

And we’re thrilled you found us, because we’ve been helping companies like yours grow their business since 2008.

So please, feel free to look around our website, get inspired and maybe even book in for a free SEO audit of your website, or a no obligations chat with one of our dedicated project managers.