Helping a traditional business model evolve

Morgan IAT offer an exceptional service to creators looking to bring new products to market. Their only problem was that not enough of their potential partners knew they existed!

The Brief

Morgan IAT has been helping inventors and creators develop and sell new products for over 30 years. New management had resulted in the decision to pivot the company’s business model to be more proactive in finding new business opportunities and expanding the business.

Morgan IAT initially contracted us to run a short PPC advertising campaign on their behalf.

Our Solution

Our solution began with the advice to create a unique landing page for the campaign, after the client informed us they planned to send visitors directly to the company website homepage.

The campaign ran its course, with moderate results, sufficient enough for us to convince the management at Morgan to allow us a little more freedom. A second campaign was created, with all links pointing to a new ‘mini-site’ that had been optimised for sign-ups.

The Tools we used


Google Pay Per Click Ads


Keyword Research & Development


Content Creation


Conversion Optimisation


Using the information gained from our first Google Ads campaign, it was noted that search terms based around the premise of ‘I have an invention idea but no money’ had been especially successful, in terms of both clicks on our ads and engaged new leads for Morgan.

By now, the company was fully on board, and agreed with our suggestion to develop a unique ‘award’ offering, where entrants stood to win full development grants for their ideas.


While we continue to work with Morgan IAT, on an ad hoc consultative basis, the company took the decision to re-train one of their team and manage core SEO duties in house, under our direction when needed.

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