Should your company invest in online marketing, SEO or lead generation?

In business, the importance of acting decisively when times are good and investing in future growth cannot be overemphasized. Nowadays that means devoting time and resources to online marketing, SEO and making sure your website works round the clock as your best lead generator. So stop wallowing in the post-Covid boom and start planning for the next chapter of your company’s story with our quick guide to future-proofing your sales funnel.


Why it’s time to consider online marketing & SEO 

Why the time for action is now

One thing we hear a lot when speaking with businesses about online marketing, SEO and website optimisation is that they don’t need to engage with online promotion right now, because sales are booming and – one way or another – customers are finding and buying from them.

Of course, that’s great news and we love to know that companies are thriving. Especially in these difficult times, when so many small businesses have been forced into closure. But as we all know, in business the devil is in the detail and when it comes to SEO the exact same thing applies.

Scratch around a little and it’s easy to see why so many companies are outperforming their own expectations at the moment. For example, we’re currently working with a firm of event organisers. Over the last 7-8 months they’ve noticed a huge upswing in bookings and website traffic. When we began our work, auditing the company’s website and online presence, we noticed that despite a dated website and precisely zero investment in SEO in the past, they were still attracting new clients.


So why were they doing so well?

A look below the surface, investigating competing websites in the events space and the number of people searching online revealed that almost a third of event organisers within a 50 mile radius of our client have, very sadly, ceased trading. In some cases those companies still had active websites – ranking in Google search – but were no longer taking on new business.

With less choice available, our client was scooping up new clients even though they were not the preferred first choice of many of the people contacting them. In short, they were cashing in on the Covid backlog and the overflow of work as we return to something like normal.

Now that’s a good example of a company doing well in what is shaping up to be a challenging period for business, but it’s also a warning sign. Because if your business is booming as a result of good fortune and a current ‘gap in the market’ has led to an increase in sales, you can safely bet your bottom dollar it will not last. At least not without investing in your continued success.

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SEO & online marketing is constantly changing

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last 14 years of working in SEO and digital marketing, it’s that when there is money to be made nobody has exclusivity.

A good example of that is the cleaning sector, where we’ve had plenty of experience over the last decade. Pre-pandemic, this was a sector that had remained relatively static for years. Every town and city had its big players who would typically dominate local search results, plus a small number of one-man bands and specialist companies scraping up the leftovers. As an SEO company we could guarantee results for our clients simply by following a time tested optimisation strategy.

But in the wake of Covid, SEO for domestic and commercial cleaning companies has become a whole lot more competitive – and complex. Safe to say that if you launched your own cleaning company today it could be anything up to a year before you could expect to start pulling in decent traffic from Google. And the reason for that is a boom in the number of businesses competing for what are very limited spaces in search results.

Point being, if you run a cleaning company now but you are not engaged in any kind of SEO activity, then it’s luck and not canny business strategy that is driving your success. As any prosperous business owner will tell you, luck and being in ‘the right place and the right time’ is no way to plan for future growth.

If we go back to the example of our event organising client, who is cashing in on the collapse of their competitors, just consider how fragile that source of new business is – and how easily it could disappear. All any competing company need do is publish a new blog or tweak a page then do some very basic on site SEO to quickly outrank the website of any business that has ceased trading.

The same applies to absolutely any business in any sector. At the click of a button your current advantage is gone, website traffic grinds to a halt and your company is stuck in an endless game of catch up.

So, what should your company do if it’s lucky enough to have experienced growth during the pandemic? Independent studies suggest businesses who depend on and want to grow online should invest anywhere between 12% and 20% of their gross revenue on digital marketing and SEO.

While spending up to a fifth of your turnover on increasing web presence may seem a lot, it’s well worth remembering two things:

Firstly, it’s widely reported that companies who invest in SEO for 12 months or longer typically experience more than a 100% increase in traffic.

And second, unlike traditional media advertising, mailshots or telemarketing, SEO continues to deliver results long after the work is completed. In fact, well optimised websites tend to stick around at the top of Google search results for many years.

Want to discover exactly what your website needs to improve its performance in search results? Why not try our free website audit tool? Simply add a few quick details about your business, hit the button and we’ll have a full report back to you within 24 hours.

Armed with your free report, your business will have a clear blueprint for future-proofing the growth of your company and it’s position at the top of Google results for the products and services you provide.

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