Everything you need to know about hiring a professional telesales or telemarketing company

We live in a fast-changing business environment. The growth of the internet is enabling businesses to hand over many of the time-consuming tasks traditionally handled in-house, to third-party service providers who can either get better results, offer significant cost reduction, or both.

The benefits are clear.

Let’s say you’re a printer. You want to devote your time to printing and generating profit for the business. But half your day’s spent answering the phone and replying to email enquiries. It’s taking so much of your time, you struggle to get any printing done at all. Logic suggests you take on some help to manage all that stuff, leaving you free to concentrate on what it is you do best – printing.

If you don’t have space for another desk or want the distraction of another person around, you could ask them to work from a different location.

In a nutshell, that’s outsourcing.

outsource lead generation Telemarketing is just one of the many jobs UK companies are opting to outsource to dedicated lead generation companies – who specialise in nurturing new prospects and delivering them to your sales team. Many outsourcing companies are located in countries where salaries are low, such as India and the Philippines, which means they’re relatively cheap to contract.

Some have been incredibly successful and it’s fair to say this growth has made the idea of outsourced telemarketing a popular solution for many businesses. But occasional problems, such as cultural differences, difficulties with language and poor customer experience can sometimes impact success. Which is why a growing number of British companies are seeking a solution that’s closer to home. Prices typically tend to be higher with UK-based telemarketing outsourcers, but the overall experience can be far more rewarding and yield better results.

Whether you opt for using homegrown providers or lower-priced off-shore alternatives depends on the quality of leads you receive and how much you are prepared to pay for them. Considering even the lowest-paid British employees cost in excess of £30,000 each per year – when you factor in elements like training, insurance and expenses – even UK-based outsource telemarketers represent excellent value for money and significant savings, compared to traditional staffing models.

Especially when you factor in hidden benefits, like an outsourcing telemarketing company’s experience of the market, ease of communication and the fact that your provider shares a timezone with you.

So which telemarketing outsource option is right for you?

That really depends on your requirements and budget. It also depends on how you feel about the service provider and whether you trust them to be a first point of contact with potential clients. Remember, this is the company that will be generating leads for your sales team. Are they on board with what your company actually does, the problems you solve and what sets you apart from the competition?

Most importantly, are they going to represent your business with the same attention to detail as you? If you suspect they’re not – and you’re expecting high-value business leads – it could be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Two key indicators of a good outsource telemarketing provider are experience and their ability to answer your questions. A reputable company will be able to show you references and take an active role in the conversation about what you need. They should be able to draw on experience with similar clients and have plenty of suggestions on how to achieve your business goals If they’re not bringing much to the party, it’s probably best to move on and look for another solution.

A reliable, proactive telemarketing company will take the lead and know how best to approach your prospects to optimise their results – and your spend. After all, what’s the point of paying someone to find you new clients if nobody responds to their approach?

So, how do you choose the right telemarketing company?

Whilst sales techniques are largely universal, nothing beats an intimate knowledge of the product on offer, or the ability to answer those awkward questions prospective buyers invariably ask. And it’s that ability – to recognise and take on board your company ethos – which will determine the success (or otherwise) of your appointment.

Your chosen telemarketing partner has to be on the same page as you, have an understanding of your products or services and be motivated to sell on your behalf. Finding that level of service for $5 an hour – on the other side of the world – will always be a tall ask. But saving a big chunk of your marketing budget, that would otherwise be going on unnecessary staffing costs, is a very realistic possibility.

And if your outsourced telemarketing team aren’t delivering results, terminating their contract is far easier than trying to offload a non-performing employee. Here at Cash Cow Marketing, we work with a huge range of companies, from FTSE 100s to public sector organisations, SMEs and startups. Our business is rooted in B2B telemarketing, engaging in peer to peer contact with your prospects over the phone.

On average our clients see an 887.7% ROI. For a free, no-obligation chat about how lead generation and telemarketing could deliver more clients to your door, give us a call.

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