The importance of SEO for small business

Regardless of size, there is not a business in this twenty-first century world that cannot benefit from investing in SEO. In this post we’ll give you a few tips on the simple steps you can take to get more visitors on your website 

Search Engine Optimisation has the capacity to help your entire organisation grow both online and in the real world. Digital success extends far beyond the digital realm, generating leads and attracting new business both within your physical locality and projecting you out to the wider world in ways that are simply not possible offline.


If you haven’t already considered SEO for your business website, then the time is now.

Even small budgets can produce surprising results, when applied strategically, consistently and accurately within the right arenas. The more you can afford to invest in digital, the more likely you are to reach the customers you are targeting, and the quicker you will start to see results.

Search Engine Optimisation is, of course, a key part of your digital strategy, and should be practiced with diligent commitment to build reliable results over time. Email marketing gives you regular inbox-presence, which, when used prudently, can build loyalty and consistent engagement, producing qualified leads.

It’s all about being found

Regular content creation lends you and your business authority, so long as it is well thought through. And, direct advertising, across various platforms, not only produces prospects who may be looking for your services, but also an invaluable series of analytics which you can use as a range-finding exercise, discovering what works for you, and importantly, what might not. The key to success, other than a great product or service, is your virtual visibility.

Revenues don’t often find themselves, and whether you are a backwater SME or a big city agency, skilfully curating and growing your online brand will breed confidence from potential clients, generating leads and conversions. One important step is in nurturing ambassadors for your brand, this means making sure that your knowledge and experience can be easily found and retooled by others operating within your sector, not just seeking customers, but seeking to serve those others that your customers might already trust, so that when they type-in those keywords, you have identified as having real worth to their needs, there will be several opportunities for others to signpost the way straight to your door, whether physical or virtual.

Small business SEO

Advertising for small businesses to help SEO

First page rankings on search engine results are earned, and they take time to develop. Practice SEO daily as part of your long-term strategy, or better still find a professional to help you get started and put you on the right track for success.

Paid ads on the very biggest platforms, like Google or Facebook, can give you instant visibility, which in turn can enhance the benefits of your investment in SEO, helping to elevate your standing online, specifically among individuals who are most likely to need what you offer.

Ads don’t need to be expensive either. Just €10 a day will give you 1000x more opportunities to be found by customers than spending nothing. Even €1 day has its usefulness, ensuring you are at least getting seen by some of the people who might need what you’ve got for them. If your message is right, you can pique their interest.

The key to success

Beautiful imagery and quick loading pages are certainly a very important part of building your website and homepages, but great UX and SEO are not anywhere near as important as giving customers what they need and what they want.

Website design and optimisation are integral parts of the digital marketing landscape, which is why it is so important for your designers and developers to work hand in hand with your digital marketing team. All of them need to understand well what it is you are offering, and to whom you are offering it, and at the core of all the myriad decisions they will need to make is your vision, and the depth of your understanding for what is required in your particular market place. All of you working together, and learning from each other, will be paramount to your digital success.

Target demographics, their wants and needs, must be a major influence on the web design process, which in turn will produce analytic data for your digital marketeer to study, so they can further hone your presentation and your presence.

Importance of user experience

Guiding your visitors through a rewarding user experience will give them a sense of discovery, understanding, engagement, and ultimately bring them to the threshold of conversion. You can’t make the decision for them, but you can give them all the tools to make the best decisions possible and if they are making that decision while looking at your information, you will have a clear opportunity to service their needs and show them the real-world benefits of choosing you over your competitors.

Become the local authority

While it is great to constantly be seeking global customers on the World Wide Web, your local geographical area, and your proximity to a potential client, is likely to produce some of the most consistent results. Modern customers, these days, routinely validate their decisions to work with you through basic online research. This is the overarching trend dominating all competitive markets in the world today, and so if they know you are nearby, mobile, well presented and properly established, they are more likely to want to go find out what you can do for them. It’s tribal. People want to communicate with others who have similar reference points and a depth of local knowledge. Local SEO is a key practice these days and essential to becoming dominant in your local market. It’s probably the biggest reason we describe our own services as bespoke SEO – because there simply is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach.

Ready, aim, fire! Then fire again!

Getting your strategy right is not a one-shot deal. It can take time to remove your own preconceptions and gradually replace what you thought was true, with the reality on the ground. Another key attribute of successful business development is not just knowing where things went wrong, but also knowing how to fix them and then being able to reach out again to those who showed some initial interest.

People change their minds all the time, but learning how to capture traffic flows, and identify prospects, gives you multiple opportunities to reach them a second or even third time round. This is why engaging your audience, and identifying them, is so very important. It gives you the ability to reach out to them, perhaps in a different way, or with something other than what they were originally seeking.

Rebuild and reclaim

Losing a customer, in the digital realm, is not the end of the story. Being able to remarket to them, and demonstrate what you do so well, how you can resolve some of their needs, gives you more opportunities to show them why you really can provide solutions to their specific problems. A good digital marketer knows that warming the prospect can take several points of contact, and help you maximise your potential for sales revenues.

In the modern era there are a range of excellent tools available to help you do all of this, with complex algorithms driving ways to reach wider and wider audiences, while narrowing down who it is among them who are most likely to spend, which, with patience and evolving skills, you can leverage to make your business really hit the target.

And if all that sounds like too much hard work, don’t forget, here at Cash Cow Marketing we offer a full range of SEO and digital marketing services for businesses of every size. Our search engine optimisation packages are focused on the easy wins, transparent processes and straightforward explanations that will bring fast results for your business website.

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