Cash Cow is an Approved Supplier for New Business Initiative


Staffordshire County Council Get Started & Grow Scheme

Our Partnership with Staffordshire County Council’s ‘Get Started & Grow’ Scheme is Something to Shout About

We are thrilled to announce that Cash Cow Marketing has been selected as one of the approved suppliers for the Staffordshire County Council’s ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme. This ambitious program offers comprehensive support to new and growing businesses in Staffordshire and we’re honored to bring our expertise in web design and digital marketing to companies in the county.


About the ‘Get Started & Grow’ Scheme

Staffordshire County Council’s ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme is designed to nurture businesses up to five years old, providing a variety of fully-funded services to help them flourish. The scheme covers a wide range of support including accountancy, financial planning, HR advice, legal support, website development, branding and digital marketing consultancy. By collaborating with experts like Cash Cow, the program aims to deliver personalised assistance tailored to the unique needs of each business.


Services Available Under the Scheme:

Digital Marketing: Choose a branding or website option to market test your product, review branding or website, track traffic, and advance your business with digital marketing.

Social Media: Customisable for your business needs, includes a half-day strategy workshop and up to six two-hour coaching sessions to implement your digital marketing plan.

Accountancy Support: Get expert financial analysis, including profitability testing, cashflow projections, budget breakdowns, and target setting, to move your business forward.

Legal Advice: Receive up to two hours of contract law advice on terms, contracts, NDAs, company structure, and shareholder agreements. Written advice only, no document production.

HR: Advice on complex people issues, optimising employee relations, comprehensive support during disputes, and ensuring legally compliant recruitment processes.


Our Role and Expertise

As one of only two suppliers selected to offer local business web design and digital marketing services, we are really proud to be a part of this initiative. At Cash Cow Marketing, we bring over 20 years of experience in search engine optimisation and website design, helping businesses all over the UK enhance their online presence and drive growth. We like to think our inclusion in this scheme highlights a genuine commitment to supporting local businesses and our recognition as a trusted digital supplier by the UK government.


As Part of the ‘Get Started & Grow’ Scheme We Will be Providing:

Custom web design and development services, creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Personalised branding solutions to help businesses establish a strong market presence.


Why Local Business Web Design is Important

Local business web design differs from other types of website creation and is crucial for ensuring that small businesses can compete effectively in their market. A strategic approach to the design of local business websites involves understanding the target audience and creating a user-friendly, visually appealing site that aligns with the business’s objectives. This not only enhances user experience but also helps in building trust and credibility with potential customers.

A strategic approach to web design for local businesses ensures that the website is fully optimised for search engines, making it easier for local customers to find the business online. This involves baking into the design local SEO techniques, such as including location-specific keywords, creating relevant content and ensuring the site is mobile-friendly. These elements help improve the site’s ranking in local search results, driving more traffic and potential customers to the business.


We’ve Been Selected Because We Know Our Stuff!

Being chosen as an official supplier for the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme is not just an honor; it’s a testament to our dedication and expertise in the digital marketing landscape. This opportunity allows us to contribute to the growth of Staffordshire’s business community, driving innovation and economic development and we’re super happy about that.

We look forward to working closely with company owners in Staffordshire, helping them leverage the power of local digital marketing to achieve their business goals. We guarantee that our tailored services will ensure that each business we support can maximise its potential, navigating the complex challenges of the digital world with confidence.


An Invitation to New Business Owners in Staffordshire

The ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme represents a fantastic opportunity for new and growing businesses in Staffordshire to receive the support they need to thrive. At Cash Cow Marketing, we are excited to play a pivotal role in this initiative and to bring our expertise to the forefront in helping local businesses succeed.

We invite all eligible businesses to take advantage of this incredible program. Because together, we can build a brighter future for the entire Staffordshire business community.

For more information on the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme and to express your interest, please visit the Staffordshire County Council website here.

Staffordshire County Council’s 'Get Started & Grow' Scheme

Do You Qualify?

Your Questions about Staffordshire County Council’s ‘Get Started & Grow’ Scheme answered


What is the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme?

The ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme supports new and growing businesses in Staffordshire with a variety of fully-funded services, including web design, accountancy, financial planning HR, and legal advice.


Who is eligible for the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme?

The scheme helps businesses up to five years old that are based in Staffordshire.


What services are offered under the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme?

The program offers services such as custom growth plans, website design, accountancy and financial planning support, HR advice and legal support.


How can I apply for the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme?

Information on how to apply can be found on the Staffordshire County Council’s website here or by contacting their business support team.


What kind of businesses benefit from the ‘Get Started & Grow’ scheme?

The scheme is designed for new and growing businesses in Staffordshire, particularly those looking for support in digital marketing, back office functions and strategic planning.

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