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Trust us to optimise the critical technical elements of your website to boost search engine rankings and user experience.

Our expert team of geeks are on hand to ensure your website is finely tuned for high performance and page one rankings. From mobile responsiveness to site speed and structured data, we address issues that may be holding your site back, implementing solutions that propel your online presence forward, helping you climb the search engine results ladder and attracting more visitors to your site.


Maximise Your Website’s potential


Achieving high rankings in Google’s search results is vital for your business’s online success. Our Technical SEO services ensure your website meets the stringent technical standards that Google demands for top positions.

That means faster loading times, mobile-friendliness and streamlined user experiences, leading to improved rankings, increased organic traffic and more potential customers discovering your business.



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Reach More Customers


A technically perfect website is the foundation of a successful online presence. It ensures that search engines can easily crawl and index your site, boosting your search engine rankings. This leads to increased visibility, more organic traffic and a much higher chance of reaching your target audience.

A well-structured, technically optimised website provides a seamless user experience, reducing bounce rates and encouraging longer visits, which usually translates into more conversions and satisfied customers.

Finally, staying ahead of the competition requires ongoing technical SEO efforts to adapt to changing search engine algorithms, making it a long-term investment in your online success.

technical seo best practice
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Be technically brilliant


If you have a good website but are still striving for higher rankings and better results, our technical SEO services could be the game-changer you need.

Our team of experts and coders will fine-tune your site’s technical aspects, giving you the competitive edge in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Don’t let your efforts go to waste; let us help you reach the top of the search results and reap the benefits of a technically superior website.

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Technical SEO FAQs

What is technical SEO, and why is it important?

Technical SEO, also known as on-site SEO, refers to the optimisation and improvement of your website’s technical elements to enhance its visibility and performance in search engine results.

It involves optimising the website’s structure, coding and other technical aspects to make it more accessible, user-friendly, and attractive to search engines like Google or Bing.

Why should I hire a professional for technical SEO services?
Hiring a professional company, like Cash Cow Marketing, for technical SEO services can help improve your website’s performance in search results because we possess the experience, tools and up-to-date knowledge required to address complex technical issues that may be hindering your website’s performance.

We provide the strategies to address your specific website needs, ensuring your online presence complies with the latest industry standards and search engine algorithms. This not only saves you time but also reduces the risk of costly mistakes. By improving your website’s technical aspects, you can provide better user experiences, attract more organic traffic and enhance your online visibility, ultimately leading to higher ROI and business success.

Is technical SEO different from on-page SEO?
Yes, technical SEO is very different to on-page SEO.

While on-page SEO primarily focuses on optimising the content, structure and user journey of your web pages, technical SEO deals with the backend aspects of your website, including its speed, crawling, indexing and technical infrastructure.

Technical SEO ensures that search engines can efficiently crawl and index your site, leading to improved rankings and user experiences. Both types of SEO are crucial for a comprehensive digital strategy, with on-page SEO making your content more user-friendly and technical SEO ensuring search engines can easily find and understand that content.

How do I know I have a problem with my technical SEO?
Common technical SEO issues that website owners should watch out for include slow page loading, which can harm user experience and SEO rankings, so optimising images, using browser caching and minimising server response time is crucial. Additionally, the lack of mobile optimisation can negatively impact rankings, so it’s essential to ensure your site is responsive and provides a seamless mobile experience. Crawl errors, such as broken links, server errors and issues with robots.txt files, can prevent search engines from properly crawling your site, making it important to monitor and address them promptly.

Indexing problems may arise from improper canonical tags, duplicate content, or blocking important pages with robots meta tags, so careful management of these aspects is crucial. Security concerns also affect SEO rankings and having an SSL certificate to secure your website is favored by search engines. Implementing structured data markup, or schema markup, helps search engines understand the content and context of your pages, leading to rich search results and improved visibility. Duplicate content, whether internal or external, can result in ranking issues, and the use of canonical tags to specify the preferred version of a page is essential. XML sitemap errors can hinder search engines’ ability to discover and index your pages, so maintaining an accurate sitemap free of errors is crucial.

An effective page URL structure with clean and descriptive URLs aids search engines in understanding your content and avoiding lengthy, non-descriptive URLs while using hyphens to separate words can be beneficial.

Lastly, image optimisation is important as large, unoptimised images can slow down your website, affecting page loading times and accessibility, so compressing images and using descriptive alt text is advisable. Addressing these common technical SEO issues is key to enhancing website performance, user experience and search engine rankings and regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to keep your site technically sound.

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