Without strong sales leads, any business will struggle to attract vital new customers, ultimately leading to stagnation and lack of growth. Lead generation creates fresh prospects with a strategy for establishing interest among a target market, through more than one channel.

Most lead generation techniques involve some form of nurturing, and, just as there are several levels of interest, from uninterested to being ready to buy, there are several steps to generating leads.

It’s about building trust rather than cold calling people from a long, untargeted list. Over 60% of marketers reported in an IDG study that generation of the right quality of leads was a problem for their organisation. Professional calling campaigns use critical data to create leads and market research to identify opportunities with the potential to boost profits.

Lead generation has changed rapidly in recent years, and now uses digital channels and online and social techniques. Equally, new techniques are around to develop and qualify prospective leads before they are passed on to sales teams.

Good lead generation is about asking the right questions when you meet or have contact with prospects. You know only too well what matters to your business, so turn it around – what’s important to your prospects’ organisation? Rather than thinking about how you can make money out of your prospects, or what they want to spend money on, consider how your product or service could help them, prioritising their needs rather than your own.

Many marketing departments are assigning more of their budget to tactics for lead generation, as organisations increasingly need to get creative to put themselves in front of the customer and stand out in the ever noisier crowd online.

All companies need a strategy for generating new sales leads, and partnering with a professional agency using the right technology for lead generation can make a huge difference.

At Cash Cow, our roots in telemarketing and the quality of our lead generation for clients readily show a specialist strength in this area.

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